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"Don't Miss" Signs that Seniors Need Help, & What to Do Next

A Quick Start Guide to Checking Your Parents in 5 Key Areas

Turn your worries into a practical action plan: 

  • Simple "Don't Miss" health & safety problems to look for
  • How to get help following up on danger signs
  • Tips on getting better help with typical problems that stress families
  • Checklists for Life Tasks, Safety, Physical Health, Mood & Brain Health, and Medication Safety

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An online resource to help people worried about aging parents

Help for Stressed Families

Helping Older Parents is written by Leslie Kernisan, MD, a practicing geriatrician with experience helping family caregivers and aging adults.

Practical Tips

Helping an older parent means mustering the effort to change what should be changed, the fortitude to accept what can't be changed, AND some guidance on knowing which situation calls for which. We'll help you on all three fronts.

Better Health for Better Aging

Learn to spot the key health issues that underlie most aging dilemmas. We'll help you figure out what's worth worrying about, and what your family can do.

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